Low Income Tax Service

Barrhead FCSS will be providing a free income tax service for low income individuals in the Town and County of Barrhead. This is a drop off service by appointment only and returns are done by trained volunteers.

Drop off appointments will be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday starting March 8, 2021 and returns will be processed until June 30, 2021. This is a free service and a mask must be worn during your appointment.

We do not process the following returns: bankruptcy, self employment, business income, rental income, capital gains or for deceased persons.

Income must be below the following:

1 person (in household) $35,000
2 persons (in household) $45,000
3 persons (in household) $47,500
4 persons (in household) $50,000
More than 5 persons in household $52,500 plus $2500 for each extra individual.

Call FCSS to book your appointment 780-674-3341

"We believe in making a difference!"