Family School Liaisons

FCSS, in conjunction with Pembina Hills School Division and Woodlands County, has two Family School Liaison Workers offering service to schools in our division. FSLs help students develop the social and academic skills needed to be successful in school. They also help families access services and supports within the school system and will connect families to community services and programs. Our FSLs promote safe and caring practices in their work.

• One-on-one work with students – goal setting, study skills, problem solving, supportive listening

• Deliver small group programs like Fearlessly Kind, Teen Parenting, and Help with Anxiety

• Help in classrooms

• Family/Home visits

• Information and Referrals to community and government programs

• Liaisons for accessing the Hot Lunch and Teen Soup & Bun Programs

• Develop Teen Parenting Programs

• Coordinate Babysitting Courses

• Coordinate In-School Mentors and Help with Breakfast Programs

"We believe in making a difference!"