Rhonda Waggoner

Rhonda is pleased to be part of the Barrhead & District Family Connections Center bringing support and fun to parenting! She has always had a love of working with Children & Families, and her caring, compassionate and kind demeanor helps to support families attending the programs!

Rhonda worked as the Barrhead Parent Link Coordinator for over 8 years. Before that, she taught Preschool for 4 years in Fort Assiniboine and Barrhead. She also facilitated Rhyme Time for 3 years prior; travelling to communities around Barrhead and teaching the importance of Literacy.
Rhonda is trained in Triple P Parenting, Love & Logic, and Emotion Coaching. She loves the opportunity to partner with other community members, promoting Barrhead to be an awesome place to raise your children. Rhonda believes in the family unit, and that it is the hardest job physically, mentally, and emotionally that one will ever do! It is also the most rewarding!
Rhonda is passionate about supporting families in this journey called Parenthood and offering all the support Barrhead & District Family connections Center has to offer.

"We believe in making a difference!"